Journal Day 2

Barely had a break. Fuck.
Rolling out in a vehicle was a mistake. They heard our engine, dropped artillery on us. Fuck. We burned alive damn it. That girl that came with the heavy gunner… I could hear her screams all day… She was too late to get out of the tank… So was the old man, but heck, he saw his days, the girl… she didn’t. She didn’t even know where is the fucking doorhandle on the Hellhound…

We recouped and moved on avoided the hunterkiller squad….
Ran into some wounded soldiers… Doc kinda stole everything from them, set us up for a promise of rescue.

We found the carepack but there was nothing we asked for.
Some stange crate, with a golden pistol, camo cloak and two heavy armors with some strange meat. I am eating the meat right now…
Apart from the crate there was some acid and a dead body, mechanical parts and … officer uniforms. Comissar took one and that scrub Artho took one. I wonder what the fuck he’ll do when they ask him why do you have that uniform.

We ambushed the convoy and got some Assault Rifles and a few prisoners. One of them Yuri, he lived in this part of the city, took us to a country club and got us a Melta.

We are going to attack the first arti outpost tomorrow. This meat is delicious. Wally is a good cook.

Journal Day 2

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